Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, or Lung Cancer?

Photo of Team Frost Law Firm at the 8th Annual Mesothelioma WalkTeam Frost Law Firm poses during the 8th Annual Mesothelioma Walk at Will Rogers State Historic Park on October 26th 2019.

The best attorneys for mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer representation. We have represented victims of disease for over eighteen years. We represent families who have been harmed by corporations. Our mission is to make sure this never happens to our children and grandchildren and keep our communities safe for these future generations.

I have Mesothelioma/Asbestosis/Lung Cancer, what can I do legally?

First, we sympathize with you during this difficult time and would like to say that you are not alone. Our attorneys know first-hand what a life-changing diagnosis can do to a person and family.

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Tell us your story and we can help you best decide how you can approach your case.

Are Frost Law Firm Mesothelioma/Asbestosis/Lung Cancer attorneys near me?

We have represented mesothelioma patients across the country; including Hawaii, California, Washington, Oregon, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas.

Photo of Scott L. Frost's dad and mom.Scott's dad and mom.

Scott L. Frost's
family experience with Lung Cancer

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