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Scott Frost's father at workScott's dad (second from right).

Scott L. Frost was born in Iowa. Shortly after, the family packed up the panel wagon and moved to Southern California. Scott’s father was a construction laborer who studied at the kitchen table to get this contractor license. Scott’s father would put on his tool belt and work construction across southern California for years. As a baby, Scott used to jump inside the big leather tool belt and try to fit it around his little waist. When the tool belt didn’t fit, Scott would just carry it around the apartment.

Scott’s father worked for years laying tile and kicking in carpet. Eventually the daily work broke down his body. He spent the remainder of his career selling the very products he had used for all those years.

“Son, I have some bad news but it is going to be ok.”

Forty years later Scott’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer. Scott was at a close friend’s wedding rehearsal when he got the call. Scott’s father said, “Son, I have some bad news but it is going to be ok.” Scott’s father chose to fight his cancer and sought out experimental drugs and therapy. Scott’s mother and father got used to the stale smell of hospitals over the next few years. The constant ever changing drugs, whose names his father could not even pronounce, ruined his father’s kidneys leading him to an at-home daily dialysis treatment plan.

Throughout this time, Scott’s dad continued to volunteer driving a large church truck collecting food for local families in need. He loved handing out food and seeing the smiling faces of the kids. Scott’s dad always had a smile on his face and was quick to say, “Have you heard the story about…”

The drugs helped extend his life, but the serious side effects kept him from enjoying his love of farming, camping, and fishing. It even kept him from doing the simplest of things, like walking down the street.

Photo of Scott L. Frost's dad and momScott's dad and mom.

The cancer that doctors were able to shrink, had begun to grow again and Scott’s father was in and out of hospital – all with the love and support of his wife of over 50 years, by his side. Eventually, all of the visits caught up to Scott’s father and he passed away suddenly from an infection.

Scott’s father had worked with and even sold asbestos products for many years. Scott’s father never knew they were dangerous until Scott told him many years later.

Scott has represented victims of asbestos related disease for over eighteen years. Scott’s passion is representing families who have been harmed by corporations. Scott’s mission is to make sure this never happens to our children and grandchildren and to keep our communities safe for these future generations.

Scott Frost has represented mesothelioma patients across the country; including Hawaii, California, Washington, Oregon, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas.

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